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Boost sales with hyper-personalized recommendations.

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How it works

Increase sales at the click of a button

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Step 1:

Choose Your Products

MeNow can automatically analyze and recommend tens of thousands of products

Step 2:

Easy Implementation

Painless integration among all platforms

Step 3:

Increase Sales

Real science sales, that’s a scientifically proven fact

Step 4:

Retain Your Customers

Keep in touch with your customers by continuously providing them with personalized content

Ask MeNow

is essential for retailers with online or onsite cosmetic stores and businesses trying to boost their Sales and Marketing goals.

Stop losing customers before they make a purchase.

Ask MeNow simplifies the buyer’s choice with biological personalization for each of your clients based on their profile, environment and lifestyle.

Optimization and gamification of the user journey leads to increased sales.

Increase the retention rate by ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ask MeNow matches each consumer to their optimal skincare products, preventing side effects and maximizing the positive impact.

The customer's expectations are met so they come back again for more positive experiences.

Product components

Ask MeNow consists of coherently working parts that comprehensively meet the goal of R&D support and skincare product development.

User Profiling
Skin Image Analysis
Microbiome Test
DNA Test
Continuous Skin Monitoring
Chatbot Support
Personalized Basket Recommendations
MeNow Scientific Scoring System

User Profiling

Jointly using AI and a unique set of targeted scientific-based questions, elaborated in collaboration with medical doctors, biologists and UX experts, to successfully profile the user skin type and environment.

The user interface is embedded on your website. Easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices, anywhere, in any context.

A screenshot of MeNow questionnaire
The young couple takes skin profiling

Skin Image Analysis

The customer journey becomes even easier and more engaging, with more accurate and unbiased recommendation results.

Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in computer vision to automatically identify your customer features and skin conditions.

A screenshot of AI facial capture and analysis

Microbiome Test

Even identical twins, living in the same city, will respond differently to cosmetics products.

Since the skin microbiome (all of the small organisms living at the surface of the skin: bacteria, fungi, etc.) has been shown to play a major role in skin health and skin response to cosmetics treatments, MeNow provides easy-to-use home microbiome test kits.

ph test interpretationA woman conducts a ph test

MeNow leverages information from the skin microbiome to make small tweaks in your customer’s skincare routine that can increase the outcomes ten-folds, thus increasing engagement and retention.

DNA Test

Attract new customers and increase their loyalty by providing them with MeNow's DNA test.

MeNow provides one of the most comprehensive DNA analysis with nearly one million genes analyzed. Taking this test allows your users to gain an unprecedented understanding of their skin, including susceptibility to photo-aging and a plethora of skin conditions. After taking the test, the customers will be able to access a detailed explanation of their DNA build and how it affects their skin as well as get hyper-personalized recommendations for products from your brand that will respect their biology.

Continuous Skin Monitoring

Drive continuous engagement of your customers by providing them with an unprecedented post-purchase experience.

In a world where customers are exposed every day to new brands and new products, enabling the users to follow the improvements of their skin and hair conditions on a daily basis is crucial to make them stick to your product and brand.

The monitoring option is also one of the most reliable ways to acquire high-quality first-party data on the performance of your brand and products.

Chatbot Support

Give your customers quick access to one of the most advanced chatbot systems. Providing them with an Ask MeNow button on your website will keep them from unanswered questions and help deciding on their haircare or skincare routine.

Ask MeNow chatbot follows your customers from the first purchase to the next one, providing them with an hyper-personalized experience and increasing their trust in your brand. It also includes a voice helper option, giving them the feeling of personal communication and allows them to use the service in hands-free mode.

Personalized Basket Recommendations

Multiply your customers' average basket size by providing them with personalized recommendations of skincare and haircare routines, with products that were scientifically determined to work together.

MeNow Scientific Scoring System

Boost your conversion rates by increasing the user's trust in your products.

After a quick profiling of the user, MeNow system displays a personal scoring of this system for each product on your website.

This objective scientific score reflects how much the specific product matches the biology, environment and needs of the user.

Screenshot of MeNow scoring implemented in online store

If your company develops and manufactures cosmetics and your business is at the ideation or R&D stage check out our product development platform Search MeNow.

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