Fast-track innovative and trendy products to the market using the MeNow search engine.

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How it works

Multiple tasks — a single information hub

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Step 1:


● Account acquisition
● Access to a unique database
● Onboarding and tech support

Step 2:

Search Engine

● Early trend detection
● Target population (demographics and skin conditions)
● Biological predictions of ingredients (including combinations)

Step 3:

Product Development Insights

● Trendy and effective formulations
● Time to prototype estimation
● Tailored GTM strategy

Search MeNow

is essential for companies developing & manufacturing cosmetics at the ideation or R&D stages.

Reduce development costs in a highly competitive environment.

Search MeNow is your outsourced research force helping you to stand out of the competition.

Identify the best markets for your products and provide product R&D support for your market.

Be the first to find top-notch ingredient combinations that will move sales.

Search MeNow is your ultimate database of cosmetic ingredients.

Get rid of overused, ineffective ingredients and patent the newest top-of-the-line formulas.

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